Wellness from head to toe

Heart & Sole offers Reflexology, Nia classes, and Reflexology Certification in Wasilla, Alaska.

Wellness from head to toe

Heart & Sole offers Reflexology, Nia classes, and Reflexology Certification in Wasilla, Alaska.

An ancient approach to modern life

With roots in ancient Egypt and China, Reflexology has been used for millennia to promote healing through the use of various thumb and finger techniques on the reflexes of the feet. At Heart & Sole, Linda works with clients to help alleviate a myriad of health issues, including stress, headaches, digestive disorders, arthritis, insomnia, hormonal imbalances, injuries, pain, and more.

    Nia Schedule

    Nia classes are scheduled every Tuesday & Thursday at 5:00PM located at Wasilla Senior Center.

    Classes are an hour long and everyone is welcome.

  • I am most impressed by her dedication to us, her students, and her approachability and availability. She is caring and has a great rapport with us, her students. She is organized and friendly and knows her material. As well as being a dedicated, caring, and skilled instructor I believe she possesses many of the qualities that will make her a very successful teacher. She makes it an easy relaxed learning atmosphere.

    Ms. Volkman is flexible in scheduling our classes, which is a tremendous help to us as we, her students, work weekdays. Her personal appearance is always professional and fitting to the occasion.

    Sondra Maria Ace
  • I signed up for the Jin Shin Do acupressure class with little to no bodywork experience, but the desire to learn and help others around me. It was such a fun and dynamic class, and I not only learned a lot of techniques, how to apply them, and how they can be used for almost every issue in the body, I also learned first hand how well they work! I would recommend everyone take this class, even those with no previous anatomy experience. If you are looking to help yourself, your family and friends, or are simply looking to expand your knowledge of the body, this is the right class to take!

  • I enrolled in the Jin Shin Do Acupressure class because the ancient roots of the modality have always fascinated me since my dabbling in the eastern arts of bodywork in massage school. The Jin Shin Do class was exhilarating and added a new repertoire of techniques to my therapeutic bodywork toolkit. Our instructor Kathy Ungerecht was a very fun and insightful instructor! I would recommend Jin Shin Do to anyone interested in improving their knowledge in the eastern modality of acupressure whether you are a bodyworker or someone just looking to help friends and family (your pets count too!).

    Joshua D. Craft, LMT