Reflexology is based on the principle that the feet are a mirror image of the body and that our glands and organs have corresponding reflexes on the feet. Gravity pulls down wastes, such as uric acid, which deposits in the feet and create an imbalance in the body.

Through the use of various thumb and finger techniques of the reflexologist, these waste deposits are worked out and balance is returned to the body.

How Does Reflexology Help?

“A completely relaxed body is incapable of negative emotion”

Reflexology is of the utmost importance for relaxation.  Stress causes disease in the body which is responsible for sickness.  Reflexology is done in a quiet room with dimmed lights and soft music. Clients report a general feeling of well-being, having a good night’s sleep, feeling relaxed and energized, and feeling like their feet have had a good work-out and that they are walking on a cloud.

Additional testimonials after a first session include but are not limited to more clear vision, improved digestive processes, lessening of hammer toe pain, the disappearance of low back pain, clear-headedness, reduced swelling in feet and/or legs, the release of sinus congestion and neck and shoulder tightness.

What is Jin Shin Do™ Acupressure?

A unique combination of multiple techniques and theories allows Jin Shin Do™ Acupressure to use gentle finger pressure and verbal body focusing techniques to relieve chronic tension, stress, and trauma-related problems.