About Heart & Sole

After retiring from teaching, Linda was drawn to health and wellness; the idea of assisting others on their wellness path in an individual manner was very appealing. Since she had long been drawn to reflexology charts and books, it made an impression on her when someone mentioned she should become a foot reflexologist. At this time, Linda unsuccessfully researched online to find local training for reflexology.

She continues to be grateful to a customer she met a few weeks later at the Alaska State Fair at her booth in Raven Hall where she was doing complimentary hand massages and selling skin care and spa products. Without any discussion about her interests in reflexology, Linda’s customer returned another day with encouragement to become a foot reflexologist and contact information in her hand for a Nationally Accredited Reflexology Certification Program taking place in Anchorage. 

Linda was accepted into this program in September 2012 and graduated in July 2013. It’s the same curriculum developed by Kathy Ungerecht, and Linda is currently teaching as of October 2017.


Meet Linda Volkman

Linda Volkman is a 36-year resident of the Mat-Su Valley and a retired Mat-Su teacher of 22 years. She currently works as a Professionally Certified Foot Reflexologist and teaches a Nationally-Accredited Reflexology Certification Program. Since 2009, Linda has been a certified Nia Instructor and currently holds certification as a Nia Blue Instructor. Linda is a professional member of the Alaska Reflexology Association, Reflexology Association of America and International Council of Reflexology.

Linda graduated from Kathy Ungerecht’s “In Health” Nationally-accredited 300-hour Reflexology Certification Program in 2013 which included a 40-hour Basic Jin Shin Do™ Bodymind Acupressure. In addition, she successfully completed 55 Continuing Education hours of Intermediate Jin Shin Do™ Bodymind Intermediate Acupressure in 2013. In October 2017, Linda began teaching Kathy Ungerecht’s Nationally Accredited Reflexology Certification Program.

Further Continuing Education Hours include a National Reflexology Conference in Anchorage in April 2016 and Sharon Stathis’ post-conference workshop in Ayurvedic Reflexology. In 2018, Linda attended the National Reflexology Conference in Chicago and Geraldine Villeneuve’s Structural Reflexology post-conference workshop.