Reflexology Certification

Through our program, you will become certified to professionally practice the healing art of Foot Reflexology. Our program also includes a section that will help you market your new practice to get you up and running.

  • Admission Requirements

    A limited number of Students in each program allows for individual attention and a higher standard of teaching and learning. The applicants should have a strong desire to help and assist others and must:

    • Have a positive attitude and a strong interest in health care
    • Be over twenty years old with a high maturity level
    • Have a High School Diploma or equivalent
    • Be available for a personal interview
    • Not have any felony convictions
    • Have Student contracts signed and submitted
    • Comprehend English
    • Be physically capable of performing reflexology
    • Be willing to have very short fingernails
  • Program Description

    The reflexology curriculum includes the following elements:

    • Definition of Reflexology
    • History /Benefits/Contraindications/Foot Assessment
    • Anatomy & Physiology including Foot and Ankle Anatomy
    • Pathologies of all Body Systems and how they relate to Reflexology
    • Case History/Session Documentations
    • Relaxation Techniques
    • Introduction Basic Hand Reflexology
    • Discussions, hands-on demonstrations and practice of reflexology techniques for each physiological system
    • Assessments of the feet
    • Monthly conference calls
    • Essential Oil Training
    • Cancer & Reflexology
    • Reflexology Research
    • Emotional Associations
    • Foot Pathologies
    • Marketing your business
    • Code of Conduct and Ethics
    • Community Service Outreach
    • In Classroom Practicums
    • Clinical Practicums
    • Independent Practice and documentation
    • A complete one-hour treatment plan that includes all parts, systems and organs of the body
  • Out of Classroom Hours

    Students will be required to do out of classroom practicals each week of class. Other out-of-class activities will include A&P coloring book, reading & open book tests. The average homework total time for each two in-classroom days will be an average of 20 hours. The student will be required to do one reflexology book report during the program. In addition to the program schedule, students will also be required to participate in two group community service project days and Jin Shin Do™ Acupressure, a 40-hour, 6 day class. This class will be scheduled separately once students can set dates that are acceptable by all the participants. This class is divided into two sections (three days and three days).

    Upon successful completion of the training program graduates are certified by Heart and Sole Inspirations Reflexology and will be fully competent to professionally practice the healing art of Reflexology.

  • Acceptance into Program

    To be accepted into the Program, applicants must have a student interview, submit a completed Student Application Form, execute a Student Contract, and pay the required nonrefundable deposit of $550.

  • Graduation Information

    Graduate requirements are as follows:

    • Meet all attendance requirements
    • Full payment of all tuition fees
    • Compliance with ethical and professional boundaries of the profession
    • Meet all class requirements i.e.: homework assignments, practicals, community service projects
    • Have a passing grade in all areas of the Program
    • Pass the final written and practical exam
    • Have current CPR certification


    Final examination is comprised of a written take-home exam at the end of the program as well as a practical exam in which both the instructor and proctors receive a complete reflexology session by the Student. Upon successful completion of the Reflexology Certification Program, you will receive a 300-hour certificate.

  • Attendance

    Attendance of all scheduled classes is important. Any absences without acceptable reasons may result in dismissal from the Program. Two-day absences are permissible during the Program and all absences should be made up within two weeks. The Student is then responsible for arranging time with the instructor to receive class assignments and a tutorial of missed applications. This is offered at no extra charge to the Student. The Student is responsible to make up class hours by giving and receiving a practical session and any other information missed. If there is another program running simultaneously you will be required to attend a day at that program.

    If the Student misses more than the allowed two days, he/she may make arrangements to sit in on the next scheduled Program to make up the required classroom hours. Students are expected to arrive to class on time and remain the full length of the day.

  • Conditions for Dismissal
    • Attending classes under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
    • Failure to pay tuition in a timely manner.
    • Excessive tardiness or absences from class.
    • Behaving in a manner that may harm the reputation of the Program, profession or that disrupts the academic process. This includes theft, disrespect of instructors, fellow students or clients either verbally, physically or cheating.
    • It is expected that all students will observe high standards of modesty, appropriate dress and personal hygiene, punctuality and respect for others.
  • Class Schedule

    Classes will meet two consecutive days per month, 9:00-5:00 with one hour for lunch for a ten-month period. The exact days are at this time flexible and to be determined according to input of the students under the discretion of the instructor. The Program will begin when there are four committed students who have paid the non-refundable deposit.

  • Grading Policy

    There will be a written and practical exam at the conclusion of the Program. The Student is required to make up any missed work and it is the Student’s responsibility to contact the instructor about this matter. Students must receive a final grade of 83% or higher on the final examination. The Student may be required to receive a tutorial before being retested if any final examination is failed. Any fees for tutorials will be in addition to the tuition. The grading system is as follows:

    A 100-95 B 89-94 C 83-88

    * Students receiving any grade lower than a C may repeat the failed part of the exam. The repeated part of the exam must be completed within 60 days unless prior arrangements are made.

    All other grades will be based on a Pass/Fail-Complete/Incomplete system.

  • Student Progress

    Students are welcome to schedule practical instruction with the instructor during the Program for feedback and private instruction. Quizzes and a final are the tools used to mark the Student’s progress. Students experiencing difficulties may utilize a variety of options to improve their scholastic standing, including individual and group tutoring and study groups.

  • Tuition

    Reflexology tuition is $5000.00 (Payment Plan available).

    Books & materials included A & P Coloring Book, A & P book, Jin Shin Do™ handbook and charts, Reflexology textbook, monthly complete set of handouts. Students will be required to purchase additional books that will not exceed $50.00 in addition to a reflexology chair and misc supplies.

    *There is a 10% discount for tuition paid by check/cash by the start of the first class in the amount of $4500.00. See the payment plan on the attached contract sheet.

    The Heart and Sole Inspirations Reflexology Program (Developed as the In Health Reflexology Program) far exceeds the minimum reflexology standards in the United States. The curriculum is the first Accreditation of Standardized Curriculum for a 300- hour course in foot reflexology certification in the United States. It is the goal of the Program to maintain a reputation of excellence in the development of Reflexologists so that graduates can succeed and be recognized as the best in their field. Student references are available upon request.

  • Foot Reflexology Certification Program Instructor

    Linda Volkman, Certified Foot Reflexologist, has built a successful foot reflexology business in Palmer and Wasilla since graduating from Kathy Ungerecht’s In Health Reflexology Program in July 2013. Linda has earned continuing education credits by attending the 2016 National Reflexology Conference in Anchorage and Sharon Stathis’ post-conference Ayurvedic Reflexology 2-day workshop and the 2018 National Reflexology Conference in Chicago and Geraldine Villeneuve’s Structural Reflexology two-day post-conference workshop. In October 2017, Linda took over the nationally accredited In Health Foot Reflexology Certification Program developed by Kathy Ungerecht.

  • About The Program

    What are the prerequisites?

    To take part in the program you must have a High School Diploma or equivalent, be at least 20 years old, have no felony convictions, and be physically capable of performing reflexology.

    How long does it take?

    The program consists of two consecutive days per month for 10 months with approximately 20 hours per month of homework. You must also complete the six days of acupressure training and two days of group community service projects.

    How much is the total cost?

    Tuition is $5000 with a 10% discount if paid by check or cash by the first class. Additional books required will not exceed $50.

    When does it start?

    The specific days are flexible and will be determined by the instructor with input from the students. The program will start when at least four students are signed up.

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Interested in getting certified?
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